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Anton Mobin & Ayato - split (infratape006)

(A) Face à Face - Ayato

1. Episode 1_Season 2 (29:59)

Cut up recomposition series recorded and mixed at La Ferme Là, Olivet, France in 2015. Consists of playing in real time two tapes with two different multitrack recorders, which gives 4 stereo sounds side A in normal play and side B in reverse added to others sounds played au grés du vent with the others devices. Loops have been created during the mixing process. Cassettes are from private collection, gifts, prepared and found tapes, archives...

(B) Idiomatic Extension #2 - Anton Mobin

1. Unrest (8:29)
2. Tounikel (2:59)
3. Autre Attitude (6:20)
4. Dron't (11:44)

Analog live looping recorded at Plateforme, Paris on 18th July, 2015.
Cassettes, endless tapes, coil microphone, contact microphones, tape head, mini-cassette, larsenophone

cover art by: Numero Tres /


Edición limitada 20 copias / Noviembre 2015
1 cassette + info




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